Don't List - Sell!

Many people who want to sell a house choose to list it with a real estate agent. While this may work for them, there are many reasons why this may not work for you. At this point, you may be considering the Return on Investment (ROI) of listing your house.

To calculate your ROI, you will need to evaluate the following questions:

  • How much will I net after commissions and expenses if I list it with an agent?
  • How long until I receive a check for the proceeds?
  • How much money will I have to put into the house for it to sell?
  • How long will it take to sell and close?
  • How many showings, buyers, contracts, and inspections will it take?
  • Will I be confused by the paperwork and the process?

Selling a house through a real estate agent is a complicated and drawn-out process. Instead, consider how fast and easy it would be to sell your house to Reliant Home Buyers. In most cases, when you consider realtor expenses, owner time investment and hassle, for-hire contractor costs, and waiting to close, you will net the same amount of money or more but without the hassle. Consider the differences listed below.

Receive a WIN-WIN Proposal!

This includes a fair cash selling price, no repairs, a closing date and a move out date.

Your information is secured & entirely confidential.

Selling With a Real Estate Agent SELLING TO RELIANT HOME BUYERS
Commission Most real estate agents will ask for the Seller to pay a 6% commission NO COMMISION
Paperwork Real estate agents will ask you to sign 20+ pages of legalese documents ONE PAGE CONTRACT
Preparing to Show You will need to declutter, make repairs, clean, and stage your house for showings. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME
Showings The average number of showings to sell a house is 20. You may have any number of showings. Each time you will have to vacate your house and have it ready to show. ONE
Time for Listing to Contract According to Zillow, the typical US home was on the market for between one and two months before accepting an offer. WE WILL MAKE YOU A WIN-WIN PROPOSAL IN ONE 15-MINUTE HOUSE VISIT
Buyer’s Closing Costs When you do receive an offer, most buyers request that the Seller pay 3% of their closing costs and prepaids to help them finance the purchase. NONE
Home Warranty Most buyers will request that the Seller pay for a home warranty which averages around $500. NONE
Financing Contingency If the buyer is getting a loan, they will be able to back out if they are not approved. In most cases, buyers don’t submit all of their information to the lender until AFTER the contract is signed. How certain will you be that the buyer will be approved? NONE - WE PAY CASH
Inspection Most buyers will have a professional home inspection within 10 days after contract signature. Today’s home inspectors will provide a report to the buyer with every condition of the house that is defective or does not meet today’s building code. NONE*
*Unless a known issue requires specific professional expertise.
Inspection Repairs Even if you say that you are selling “As-Is”, most buyers will either give you a list of repairs to be made as a condition to purchase the house or back out of the contract. This may cost you thousands of dollars out of your pocket or leave you looking for a new buyer. NONE
Time to Close Contract You aren’t done when you sign a contract. According to Zillow, most buyers with financing will require between 30 to 45 days to close and complete the sale. TYPICALLY 5 BUSINESS DAYS
Final Inspection A buyer will typically inspect the house again before closing and will make you clean out the house before you leave. JUST LEAVE IT. WE WILL TAKE CARE OF ANYTHING LEFT IN THE HOUSE
Move Out The Buyer will typically make you be out of the house before you close. MOVE WHEN YOU ARE READY, EVEN AFTER CLOSING


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