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"I was in foreclosure and had no choice but to move. Justin bought my house and I walked away with several thousand dollars so that I could start over. Last year was a terrible year but this year is going to be great because of Justin."

Allison - Knoxville, TN


"My relatives and I inherited a house in Knoxville that we did not know what to do with for several years. The taxes were not being paid and the city was charging us to mow the grass. Justin was able to show us how to sell it without opening probate and with no out of pocket costs."

Paul - Chicago, IL


"My house was getting water in the basement and I was having foundation issues. I received estimates for over $10,000 to fix it. Justin bought the house as-is so I could move. It feels so good that I no longer have to worry about what I was going to do."

Lloyd - Corryton, TN


"My house that I owned and rented for 26 years was condemned by the city. I could not afford to make any of the repairs required to bring it up to code. Justin was able to buy the house and give me fair price for it."

Allen - Maryville, TN


"I got way over my head with debt and needed to sell my house because I could not longer make the payments. My house had not been updated since I bought it in 1986. Justin was able to buy it as-is and close before my next payment was due. Justin was my only friend when I really needed one."
Charlie - Knoxville, TN


"My house was in foreclosure and I had already moved out and given up. Justin was able to buy it before the foreclosure auction and provide me with money that I needed for medical bills. God bless him for helping me."

Brenda - Knoxville, TN


"My father passed away and I wanted to sell his house quickly without listing it with a realtor or making any repairs. Justin was able to make me an offer on the spot and close quickly."

Serena - Knoxville, TN


"Justin was able to work out a creative solution that stopped my foreclosure and maximized the amount of equity I received. Justin is very dependable and I am very satisfied with how everything worked out."

Steve - Knoxville, TN


"Justin was able to buy my house before the foreclosure auction and saved me from losing thousands of dollars in equity."

Gene - Maryville, TN


"With the foreclosure auction just a few days away, I told Justin the exact amount of money I needed to move out. He gave it to me, even when the payoff came in more than I expected."

Todd - Knoxville, TN


"My mother passed away and my brother was living at her house and not making the payments. I sold my house to Justin before the foreclosure auction and he was able close quickly and give my brother additional time to move out."

Jennifer - Clinton, TN


"My mother passed away and I was ready to sell her home as soon as I could without doing anything to it. Justin helped me sell the home quickly so that I could receive the proceeds as soon as probate closed."

Angela - Knoxville, TN


"My mother would never throw anything away. When she passed, her house was just filled with so many things I had no use for. You couldn't even walk through the living room. I took the keepsakes and memories but was able to leave the rest of it when I sold her condo to Justin. He took care of it."

Leslie - Atlanta, GA


"My parent's place had not been updated since they moved in over fifty years ago. It had the old pine cabinets in the kitchen and pink tile in the bathrooms. Justin was able buy it as is and helped me sell it without opening probate."

Jeff - Lenoir City


"My house had moisture and termite damage all throughout the crawlspace. Every person that was interested backed out of their contract. Justin came through and got me out of a tough spot."

Shelly - Knoxville, TN


"My last tenant trashed my rental house. I tried to fix it up but the guy I hired never finished the job and walked off with all of the materials that I paid for. Justin provided me a great offer that let me get my money back and I didn't have to hire another contractor."

Greg - Oak Ridge, TN


"I had an old house off of Broadway in North Knoxville that needed so many repairs. I was afraid to do anything because I didn't even know where to start. Justin was able to give me a fair cash offer where I didn't have to do anything to sell it."

Sharon - Knoxville, TN


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