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Selling a House That Needs Repairs

Selling a house that needs repairs is not an easy task. Not only are repairs hard to manage, they can be incredibly expensive. If you're looking to sell your house without having to make repairs, let our experienced home buyers help! 

Since 2003, Reliant Home Buyers of TN has been buying houses throughout Knoxville and surrounding areas, including Knox, Blount, Loudon, Anderson, Roane, Sevier, Union, Jefferson, Hamblen, Cumberland, Monroe, and McMinn Counties.

We pay cash for houses in any condition and price range! Find out how you can sell your house that needs repairs here.

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This includes a fair cash selling price, no repairs, a closing date and a move out date.

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Should I Fix Up My Home or Try to Sell it As-Is?

If you want to sell a house that needs repairs, you have two options. You can either make the necessary repairs to list the house, or you can sell as-is to a home buyer. Your decision may be affected by a few factors, including how much the repairs will cost, what needs to be repaired, and potential buyer interest. 

How Much Will House Repairs Cost?

If you're considering listing your house, be careful estimating how much repairs will cost on your own. You may underestimate the amount of work needed by thousands of dollars. Potential fixes include: 

  • Water damage or drainage issues 
  • Mold 
  • Foundation cracks
  • Curling shingles 
  • Single-pane or fogged windows
  • Damaged or faded siding 
  • Peeling paint

If the cost of repairs is too high, contact us for a fair cash selling price. There's no repairing, upgrading, or prepping required! 

Do You Have to Fix Everything Before Selling Your House? 

The most important part of selling a house that needs repairs is knowing what needs to be fixed. 

While buyers may forgive some cosmetic issues, they won't overlook major repairs. If you choose to list a home that you have lived in at any time over the past three years, you are legally obligated to disclose all known issues with buyers. 

In addition, generally all retail buyers will get a home inspection after signing a contract and before closing. Today's home inspectors will point out every minor detail wrong with your house. If even the smallest items need to be fixed, it will scare off most retail buyers who are generally unwilling to accept any repair risk in the transaction. Therefore, if you start fixing items in your house to get top dollar, you will have to get all issues 100% completed.

What Are Buyers Looking For? 

When assessing your home, consider what buyers are looking for. A modern home may include: 

  • New appliances
  • Modern cabinets 
  • Granite countertops 
  • New carpet 
  • Hardwood flooring

If the housing market is moving fast, buyers might be willing to look at your property, however, a house that needs repairs and lacks a modern look is often looked over or ignored entirely. Plus, if you end up making all the necessary repairs and updating the home's aesthetic, are you confident you'll get your money back when you sell the house? 

How Much Repair is Too Much When Selling Your Home in Tennessee?

We rarely buy homes that need less than $10,000 in repairs. Usually, the houses we buy require $50,000 in repairs or more. 

You might not have that kind of cash on hand, plus repairing your home also means making sure you aren't taken advantage of by shady contractors. Instead of dealing with the potential risks and unknowns of making major repairs to your home, let us handle everything for you.

Sell Your House As-Is!

If you're selling inherited property, a house that needs repairs, or stopping foreclosure on your house, contact us today. We'll make sure you receive cash for your property, even if it's in need of repairs.

Here's how our buying process works

  1. We'll view the property - After calling us or submitting an online form, our buyers will come take a look at your property. In about 15-30 minutes, we'll be able to provide you with a list of needed updates, their estimated cost, and the next steps.  
  2. Receive your WIN-WIN proposal - If we're interested in the house, we'll create you a simple, one-page WIN-WIN proposal. This includes an all-cash selling price, closing date, and move-out date. 
  3. Sell your house in Tennessee for cash - If you sign our contract, we'll take it to a local title company to complete the transaction. You'll receive a check for your house on the day of closing. 

With 20 years of experience and a team of full-time contractors, we're able to make repairs for  20-40% less than a contractor for hire. This means, we typically can offer you a price that nets the same amount of money (or more!) as fixing all of the issues and listing your house. Selling to Reliant Home Buyers of TN ensures you'll never pay for repairs, real estate agents, or commissions. 

We Buy Houses That Need Repairs!

We've made the process of selling your house that needs repairs easy! 

For over 20 years, Reliant Home Buyers of TN have been buying and selling houses in the Knoxville area. Contact us or give us a call at 865-567-6381 to sell your house as-is today!  


"My house had moisture and termite damage all throughout the crawlspace. Every person that was interested backed out of their contract. Justin came through and got me out of a tough spot."

Shelly - Knoxville, TN


"My last tenant trashed my rental house. I tried to fix it up but the guy I hired never finished the job and walked off with all of the materials that I paid for. Justin provided me a great offer that let me get my money back and I didn't have to hire another contractor."

Greg - Oak Ridge, TN


"I had an old house off of Broadway in North Knoxville that needed so many repairs. I was afraid to do anything because I didn't even know where to start. Justin was able to give me a fair cash offer where I didn't have to do anything to sell it."

Sharon - Knoxville, TN

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