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We Make Relocation Easy!

Have you made the decision to move out of the Greater Knoxville area?

If so, congratulations! Changing locations is an involved process with lots of moving parts. Most of the time you will need to move on a certain date with a certain number of dollars to make everything go smoothly.

That is where we come in!

Here's How We Can Make Relocating Easier!

Reliant Home Buyers of TN can offer you an exact closing date to sell your house and an exact amount of money.


Because we will pay cash and will buy your house as-is.

Receive a WIN-WIN Proposal!

This includes a fair cash selling price, no repairs, a closing date and a move out date.

Your information is secured & entirely confidential.

You Won't Need to Wait on Any Buyers

Just think of all of the potential buyers out there. Almost all of them need to get a loan to buy your house. The National Association of Realtors estimated that 87% of recent buyers financed their home. That means you will be waiting for an appraisal of the house and approval of the buyer's credit to get your money.

Just recently, we sold a house and waited almost two months to close before the buyer's financing fell through just two days before closing. Don't let that happen to you!

You'll Get to Pick a Guaranteed Closing Date

In addition, try asking a realtor to guarantee you the exact date that their buyer can close. They can't! That's because they won't know until just a few days before the estimated closing date when the buyer's lender gives them a "Clear to Close." That is because all of the lender's boxes have to be checked to complete the sale. When you are ready to move and need to know an exact date when you can close, Reliant Home Buyers of TN pays cash and can close on the date of your choosing.

Know Exactly How Much Money You'll Make

Finally, I bet you need a certain amount of dollars to make your move happen. It could be a down payment, a security deposit, or paying for movers. Will you get that out of your sale to a retail buyer?

After calculating realtor fees, buyer closing costs, and repairs, how much will you actually clear and will it be enough to pay for the move? You won't know that either until it's too late unless you use Reliant Home Buyer of TN. We can guarantee that you will clear the money you need to move and you can take that guarantee to the bank.

Get Your Fair, Zero Obligation Cash Offer Today!

Ready for a fair cash offer on your home? Contact us today!

We will set up a tour of your home and, if we're interested, will make you an offer. There is absolutely zero obligation. Let us help you relocate on your terms!


"I got way over my head with debt and needed to sell my house because I could not longer make the payments. My house had not been updated since I bought it in 1986. Justin was able to buy it as-is and close before my next payment was due. Justin was my only friend when I really needed one."
Charlie - Knoxville, TN


"My father passed away and I wanted to sell his house quickly without listing it with a realtor or making any repairs. Justin was able to make me an offer on the spot and close quickly."

Serena - Knoxville, TN


"My parent's place had not been updated since they moved in over fifty years ago. It had the old pine cabinets in the kitchen and pink tile in the bathrooms. Justin was able buy it as is and helped me sell it without opening probate."

Jeff - Lenoir City

You've got nothing to lose, there is no obligation.

Start now by contacting us today for your customized WIN-WIN proposal!


Serving Knox, Blount, Loudon, Anderson, Roane, Sevier, Union, Jefferson, Hamblen, Cumberland, Monroe, and McMinn Counties.

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