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Can You Sell a Condemned House?

Have you ever seen a house with a condemned sign? People tend to describe condemned houses as threats to their community.

If you own a condemned house, you may be wondering what your options are. Can you sell a condemned house? And what is the process like?

Find out why houses are condemned and what your sale options are here. 

What Is a Condemned House?

Property is condemned when it's no longer safe to live in. If people live in the house, they'll be asked to vacate and not return until the property is up to code. 

How your property was condemned will affect your sale options. For example, a house may be condemned because of unpermitted work. In this case, you would need to retroactively get the permits and have the property re-inspected before listing. 

Why Would a House Be Condemned?

Most houses are condemned because they were abandoned or the owner stopped caring for the property. While condemnation procedures vary across the country, houses may be condemned for the following reasons. 

  • The property has been vacant for a while 
  • The house has deteriorated and isn't structurally sound (ex. water damage or foundation issues)
  • Unhealthy living conditions, such as termite damage or an active infestation
  • The property doesn't have utilities (power, water, etc.) or lacks basic sanitation
  • Missing building permits or has code violations

A house can also be condemned because of eminent domain. This gives the government authority to seize property for public use, such as building a public facility. In this situation, however, the homeowner is compensated.

What Happens When a House Is Condemned?

Any occupants will be forced to leave immediately. A condemned sign is then posted somewhere visible, typically on the front door. Entering the property is illegal

Once a property is condemned, the owner may be forced to make repairs. If they refuse, or the house is beyond repair, the government can demolish the property. This, as you would imagine, is at the owner's expense. 

Condemned houses often house squatters and vandals, which is why many choose to sell their vacant property

Can You Live in a Condemned House?

For many reasons, the answer is typically no. Legalities aside, the government may have cut off the gas and power, making it dangerous to occupy the property. Not to mention, if the house isn't structurally sound, it could collapse

In any case, the city would be liable for something happening. This means that attempting to live in a condemned house could result in a hefty fine.

Can You Sell a Condemned House?

Yes. You can sell a house before or after it's officially condemned, but you likely won't see a lot of interested buyers. Once a house is condemned, the city will require you to bring every part of the house up to today's building codes, which will be much more expensive than just fixing one issue. 

Need to Sell Your House Fast? 

Traditional sale options are probably out of the question if your house is irreparable. Your best bet is to sell the property to a cash buyer who doesn't need to secure financing. 

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Why Choose Us?  

Our East Tennessee home buyer, Justin Treadwell, can make you a cash offer for your home today. Here are a few reasons you should sell your condemned property to Reliant Home Buyers of TN: 

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